Studios Handbook


When I read the handbook of studios I realised that studio environment is the main and the crucial part of our architectural education. It is the place that we can work with and share our ideas, experiences and considerations with our colleagues. It is way too important for us to look from another perspective. These are the things that we cannot learn from a textbook. Also the studio courses are based on making, doing and producing. It means that these courses are not ”learn it in the course and apply it in your occupation life” courses. You should put the things that you learned on action immediately. And another thing which has made me think was learning on process. The point is that you should learn by doing on producing, not from product. A successfull producing process requires many researches.

Another step is attending actively to the critiques. Its a good way of listening the comments and the advises of other peers’ works. In addition, architecture is not a major like ”study before the exam from the textbook and answer the exact same questions”. It has its own juries who are going to listen our presentations and grade our projects. These are the things that were significant for me.

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