Abstraction of an Image


Bilboa Guggenheim Museum, Spain – designed by Frank Gehry, 1997

In the first week of the Architectural Communication Techniques course, our instructors gave us a photograph and assigned us to abstract it. But it was not just that easy. There was a troublesome part which was a tough period for us. We had to abstract it by only using the horizontal or vertical or angular parallel lines.

Initially, I started doing my work by cutting my paper into the given sizes (33,5×48 cm). And then I started enlarging the given image by sketching it with my 7H pencil very lightly to make a unclear guideline. I decided to use vertical lines because iI thought they would have help me to show transitions between dark and light parts easier, instead of using horizontal or angular lines. Then I started sketching by using my set squares and parallel straightedge.

I took darkness and lightness as reference. In the darker parts, I tried to sketches more closer to eachother and I used my darkest and the softest pencil (6B). And in the lighter parts I put 4mm distance between lines and I used my 5H pencil.

The most painful part was keeping the paper neat and clean. So I decided to cover the plotted parts with my tracing paper. I think it has worked well. It was my first experience on sketching. I hope I did a good job, hope you like it 🙂

111 Ass.01

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