101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

When I was skimming over the books in the bookstore I found this funny book on the shelf. It is a kind of a pocket book and it includes so many brief but very usefull informations. We can call them experiences of Metthew Frederick. He points out that there are few things that are definite in architecture school. And he knows that architectural education is a disorienting major, especially for the freshmen year. Also he states that this education includes lots of exceptions. That is he thing that makes it complicated for the students. He points out these by the help of his experiences in the earlier years of his architectural life.

When I read the book I can say that it relaxed me a lot. Because I was feeling  a little bit nervous. However, he identifies exactly the same things that I feel. Also, he thouches upon the thoughts of the instructors too. It is another positive thing.

The book approaches to make a good basis to architecture students in studios. It includes design ideas, sketches and presentation techniques. Because he claims that these are the things that are the hardest ones for the students. He approaches to clarify these complexities. I think he reaches that.

Another thing is that, his lanuage is a little bit informal. It is because the content of the book. He aims to reach student’s minds and he uses less fancy language. So that, he reduces architectural language into a little bit informal language. I really loved this book. I recommend this book to every new architect.


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