Discovering the Different Topographies

     As I mentioned in the previous posts, we tried to experience of the different horizntal surfaces and the experiences of them on human bodies. And then on, we tried to produce some diagrams of different variations of the situtations by changing one variable and its reactions. This time we did some researches on topography and contour lines. As far as we understood from those researches and discussions that we had in the studio hours we revised our diagrams and tried to explore how different landscapes influence our experiences. Here are some of the diagrams that we have produced down below;


     In this diagram, we tried to show how different locations influence our angle of view. For instance, when we look from the pit we can observe less vista and horizon than the looking from the hill.


     For this one, we tried to show effects of different landscapes of receiving light.  A dwelling that positioned on a mountainside can receive lights only half of the day. However, the dwelling located on a flatter area can receive light more than the other.

       For the model, we tried to show these conditions by using the sticks. The density of the sticks show the observing vista as well as the receiving light. The more dense parts show the positions that can observe most vista and receive more lights in a day. And the sparse parts show the less receiving parts.




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