The -ish

After we produced our diagrams of architectural elements in Uçhisar and Zelve Open Air Museum site, we were expected to show them in 3D model  according to a composition and relevant to our diagrams of analysis. However, the point that we had to focus on is that how architectural elements serve us different functions at the same time.

In my first trial, I tried t compose different types of openings. Some of them were for to serve us visual relation, however some of them allows us to access to the other spaces. Another thing that I tried to show is that the level of enclosure of the spaces.

When I reproduce my model, I tried to find a different ways of showing those opening to gain more information. This time I showed them by putting the planes one after the others. This condition helped me to create corridor at the same time. Also, I elevated some spaces. And that elevation was creating a wall for us as well. We can call it “wallish” too.

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