“…poetically man dwells…”

     For this week of the course I had a chance to read a little part of a book called “Poetry, Language, Thought” written by Martin Heidegger. The name of the chapter is “Poetically Man Dwells”. Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) was a very prominent German philosopher of existential philosophy. It is obvious that he is influenced by his teacher Edmund Husserl and philosophy of phenomenology on his works. He made a huge contribution to philosophy with his new notions such as “apprehension, distress, curiosity, death, fear” and etc.

     In the artcicle he is trying to give and add new meanings to a phrase from a poem of Friedrich Holderlin. He is concerning the relation between the notions of poetica and dwelling. He claims that dwelling is not just about  buildings but also related with poetica too. He alleges that the relation between human and world is always in alteration, almost impossible to capture in a completeness. A poetic thinker never escapes from his environent to think but he locates himself in there. He thouches upon the word “measuring”. He alleges that measuring something limited between earth and the sky, however the poetica is something between heaven and earth.


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