Prejury 1 / Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography / Talya Hotel

According to my analysis of the visit of Antalya, I have realized that the organization of the streets in Kaleiçi district are very narrow and dense.  However, the rest is getting less dense compared to Kaleiçi district. As a result of this, in Kaleiçi, the people are creating a some kind of a sub-culture that they are intended to prefer the liminal spaces rather than more defined spaces to spend their time. Liminal spaces are the spaces that determined by the users’ intuitive acceptance. However, going out from the Kaleiçi it is getting loose. In this point, Karaalioğlu parkı is acting like a threshold in between the old and the new city. It is one of the most important project of its own era. The project is designed to create a relation between sea and the city. for this, they designed it with 3 axial structure ending with miradors.

So that, I tought our site can work as threshold in between liminal spaces and more defined spaces. I defined 3 axes in our site and these axes are ending with miradors. And the liminals spaces that are designed by me is located near these axes.

About Dismantling Talya Hotel, I defined the the core of Talya as a node point which is problematic for me. So that I have removed that core. The smaller wing that I have got after dismantling Talya is working as a liminal space by designing it with porosity idea. To get the porosity, I have extruded certain masses from Talya by taking reference from the balconies. Because for me the balconies are also liminal spaces that are intened to be individual.


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