Hardcopy Collage


As I touched on in my previous post, we chose an image from our school library to make collage. For the second step of this work we made a hardcopy collage. But in this case we used text too. Again I tried to use grid as a tool. I divided my image as vertical stripes by using grid. But still I paid attention to reference lines of the image. And then, I combined them with the texts.

Digital Collage

Untitled-3     Ass04_Melis Bel2

For this week, our instructors wanted us to go to our school library and search the sources to choose an image. This image was going to be used for our digital collage and hardcopy collage which was going to be produced by handwork. I found this image from an art journal. Because I thought that this picture has many certain reference lines. Then I used grid as a tool to make my collage. But while I was playing with the divided parts I paid attention my reference ines too which were already in the image. Also I changed certain parts’ opacity too.

Posterizing the Text and the Video

Ass.03_Melis Bel.

Initially, I read the text which was a part of “Towards an Architecture” written by Le Corbusier and I watched the video of Leonard Bernstein’s “What Does Music mean?”. And then, I started deciding on the key words which  I was going to use in my poster. After that I ordered my key words according to their number of letters. So that, I could place them in my poster with making a triangle gap in the middle. So I created a geometrical shape by my own.  I attached importance to the colours too. Because those are things that makes a poster more remarkable.

Designing a Poster

Ass.02_Melis Bel2
In the second week of the course, our instructors gave us a sort of little Photoshop workshop. After that session, we were assigned to make a poster by using given images and the text to improve our Photoshop skills. I chose this one because we had to focus on geometrical proporties such as linear and planar qualities. So, I thought that this one has more clear geometrical shapes. I used yellow as one extra colour. Because according to my research, yellow and grey is contrast to eachother. So, I thought it would help my poster to take more attention. I made font size of the title large because of the hierarchy term. I tried to avoid confusion and tried to keep it basic.